Panasonic Quick Image Navigator

Panasonic Quick Image Navigator 1.2

It is powerful software that allows to simplify handling and management process

Quick Image Navigator is powerful software that allows to simplify handling and management of scanned files by searching and classifying them. There is a possibility of simultaneous management of various formats files, for example, getting by means of Panaboard or scanner, that improves work efficiency. The Quick Image Navigator software has faster and more intuitive image handling capabilities and allows to make preview of PDF and other graphic files. You can annotate, edit and send files thanks to the interface that is similar to Windows Explorer one. Quick Image Navigator software may be of benefit if you wish to manage a lot of scanned documents. Scanned data can be quickly displayed and edited. All information can be organized into folders for easy management, and the content of the folders can be checked by viewing thumbnail displays. This boosts efficiency by eliminating the need to start-up an application in order to display or edit the folder's content. Quick Image Navigator allows you to drag a file to another application and expand the way in which the scanned document can be utilized. You can also correct a document that is tilted and remove any blur that may exist.

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